THINK GREEN! Design with the freedom to finally embrace ecology.

Zero Emissions – Timely – Reliable –Affordable – Above & Free of Road Congestion

Trellis is electric, lightweight, and made from durable composite materials. It means its environmental footprint is not only low initially but stays low over its long service life. A sustainable transit solution that meets the Climate Crisis – No longer must trees and foliage be sacrificed to build concrete and asphalt grids. When connected with Trellis, new developments no longer need to be bound by congested arteries. Globally, sustainable green Trellis communities flourish.
FACT: Legacy Transit operations consume 10x to over 400x more energy per passenger than hyper-efficient, convenient Trellis Autonomous Systems.
The numbers

Legacy Parcel Delivery Cost Analysis – Class 4 Parcel Delivery Step Van


Average driving distance per day: 83km
Average driving distance per year:
Average driving speed: 30km/h
Overall average vehicle speed: 13km/h
Average delivery stops per km: 2.5 (weighted, of course, to periphery of delivery region)
Average delivery stops per day: 182
Average delivery stops per year: 47,320


Average vehicle, maintenance, and fuel cost per year (diesel): $13,940
Average vehicle, maintenance, and electricity cost per year (electric): $12,970
Parcel Delivery vehicle cost per km (diesel): $0.64
Parcel Delivery vehicle cost per km (electric): $0.60


Annual parcel van overheads/central admin/driver/overtime/benefits: $140,000 (estimates vary)
Cost per km w/overhead (diesel): $7.13
Cost per km w/overhead (electric): $7.08
Cost per delivery (diesel): $3.25 Trellis Projected Average Delivery Cost: $3.25
Cost per delivery (electric): $3.23