Smart-Systems Overcome Today’s Municipal Gridlock Challenge

CrossWing-ATS will produce a series of autonomous delivery and service robots purpose built to leverage Trellis micro rail networks in subsequent deployment phases. These ultralight systems ride above congested surface grids – affordably completing tasks 24×7.
CrossWing’s autonomous robots will leverage and seamlessly traverse the Trellis network to make timely deliveries of:
- meals (hot & cold, includes options for “zero garbage” packaging)
- groceries (including orders delivered to your door at smart buildings)
- products/packages (household goods, shopping bags, luggage, etc.)
- services (security, caseworker, paramedic, monitoring, fire, and others)
- recycling and waste removal (off-peak period operations)
- on a timely and affordable basis “Always Prompt™
European-style sustainable grocery ‘personal pickup’ is truly universal. Arrive back from work; then simply get out of your Pod (at a Stop near your home), and the next autonomous Pod has your evening groceries!

In synchronization with passenger Pod arrivals, prompt robots autonomously riding Cargo Pods are a sustainable delivery breakthrough – the Trellis System promise.
Integration of Trellis Autonomous Cargo Transit Pod with Autonomous Droids
Example: Trellis Transit + Prompt Cart™
Prompt and Timely Meal/Package/Grocery Delivery (6 Units/Pod)
The numbers

Legacy Parcel Delivery Cost Analysis – Class 4 Parcel Delivery Step Van


Average driving distance per day: 83km
Average driving distance per year:
Average driving speed: 30km/h
Overall average vehicle speed: 13km/h
Average delivery stops per km: 2.5 (weighted, of course, to periphery of delivery region)
Average delivery stops per day: 182
Average delivery stops per year: 47,320


Average vehicle, maintenance, and fuel cost per year (diesel): $13,940
Average vehicle, maintenance, and electricity cost per year (electric): $12,970
Parcel Delivery vehicle cost per km (diesel): $0.64
Parcel Delivery vehicle cost per km (electric): $0.60


Annual parcel van overheads/central admin/driver/overtime/benefits: $140,000 (estimates vary)
Cost per km w/overhead (diesel): $7.13
Cost per km w/overhead (electric): $7.08
Cost per delivery (diesel): $3.25 Trellis Projected Average Delivery Cost: $3.25
Cost per delivery (electric): $3.23